From last few years Plan onwards India’s emphasis was to develop a pool of scientifically inclined manpower. Now India is fast emerging as a global super power with many International Universities even from U.K. and U.S trying to woo the Indian Student Population. India with its high population has a ready market for nearly all types of industries but as the economy will progress, the growth of service sector will be higher population to others. India is also home to many universities which have been founded with the sole objective of making easy money.

India's National Policy on Education (NPE) provisioned for an apex body for regulation and development of higher technical education, which came into being as the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in 1987 through an act of the Indian parliament.

India's higher education system is the third largest in the world, after China and the United States. The main governing body at the tertiary level is the University Grants Commission (India), which enforces its standards, advises the government, and helps coordinate between the centre and the state.

Education today is fastest growing sector with returns coming almost immediately due to the low start up time. It requires minimal investment & has a ready market. Also this is a service sector and the scope for service business in any growing economy is high. It is now a serious business with high returns.

The entry of multinational brands in all spheres has led to an increase in consumer spending. This in turn has led to a boom in the retail & export sector with manufactures vying with each other to meet the growing demand. In such a scenario traditional models of education like B.A. or B.S.C in any academic field do not hold promise unless supplemented by specialized education. Here the role of private education sector becomes important as it can adjust to the needs of growing private manufacturing or retail sector.


SPC EDUCATION CENTER "SUPER PLATINUM CENTER FOR EDUCATION" NGO (Reg. with Govt. of NCT of Delhi) Govt. of India. Social Education & Welfare Association “SEWA” Sansthan’ ) – Our organization is appropriately registered and approved from the relevant State and Central Government bodies and is registered institute in the field of computer literacy program. In India impart training in to various fields : Computer (Software & Hardware, Graphic Design, Web Design, Fashion Design, Auto CAD, English Spoken, Call Center Training, Personality Development, Hobby Classes, Vocational Courses  )

Brief Details of SEWA SANSTHAN
  1. Organized a seminar on importance of ‘Information Technology’ Computer Education and start computer Certification course for 200 poor, needy unemployed educated students of three months from 4th Jan., 2002.
  2. Organized outstanding large-scale camp for widow, old age & physically handicapped pension camp in 2002 and more than 400 cases were decided for lifetime pension.
  3. Organized Computer Fundamental Certification course for 1000 poor, needy unemployed educated women with the assistance of Rajasthan Mission of Livelihood of three months from 20th Jan., 2002.
  4. Awarded by Education Minister of Rajasthan Dr. Jitendra Singh for Best & Outstanding Educational Planning Performance in the state.
  5. Awarded for Best Educational Planning Services by District Collector, Jaipur in 2002-03.
  6. Achieved special target in Educational Planning, Women Empowerment, MCH, Immunization, Family Welfare, Orientation to AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Blindness, Malnutrition, Anemia, Drug Addiction, School Health, Healthy Baby Competitions, Seminars for Social Evils, Environment Protection, etc. from 2002-03.
  7. Stared Vocational Training on computers and job-oriented courses like stitching, painting, beautician, mehandi, embroidery, soft toys, etc. to poor & needy women in 2002.More than 1100 women benefited in this vocational training.
  8. Organized Special Rallies, Seminars & Workshops for Environment Protection, Water Shed Development, Water Preservation, Sex Discrimination, Adolescence Counseling, Women Awareness Generating Camps, Prevention for AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Blindness, Malnutrition, Anemia in 2003-04.
  9. Achieved 85% Immunization Target in children of 0-5 age group in slum area of Jaipur Nagar Nigam Ward No. 63,64,65,66 in 2004.
  10. Organized Women Awareness Generating Camps Week Program in Chandpole, 19th March to 26th March, 2004 and in Purani Basti from 10th May to 17th May, 2004. Subject discussed in these weekly camps are Women Empowerment, Women Rights, Women education, Social Evils, Sex Discrimination, RCH, Medical & Health, Immunization, family Planning, Environment Protection & beneficiary Government Schemes of Women Development Program.  Central welfare board, New Delhi, assisted this program.
  11. Organized Women Seminar for Water Preservation & Water Borne diseases under NEAC Program, Govt. Of India on 22th May, 2004.
  12. Started Vocational Training through Computer Education under Mahila Swawlamban Scheme by Govt. Of India, Human Resource Development Ministry at SEWA SANSTHAN, Chandpole, Jaipur for SC, ST, OBC, poor, needy, widow, divorced ladies from 2nd June, 2004.
  13. Organized Summer Hobby Classes like painting, mehandi, beautician, stitching, embroidery, soft toys, cooking, etc. to poor& needy girls. After completion of Course girls were awarded with prizes & certificates on 20thJune, 2004. More than 550girls benefited in all the 20 Centers all over Jaipur.
  14. Organized Polio Correction Surgery Camps from 22nd Aug. to 29th Aug.2004. 89 Polio patients were operated instead the target of 100 and other physically handicapped persons registered for aids & other benefits.  42% cases benefited were women of under privileged category.
  15. Organized Women AIDS Workshop on 2nd Dec.2004 Worlds AIDS Day at Life Line Nursing Home, Bagru Walon Ka rasta,Chandpole, Jaipur. More than 60 women leaders from different slum areas of Jaipur were trained for AIDS Awareness generating in the mass population of 60,000 of ward no. – 64,65 and mass distribution of AIDS literature distributed.
  16. Organized Women Workshop for Anti- Smoking De-addiction & Cancer Awareness Workshop on 17th Feb.2005.
  17. Organized Women Workshop on Solid Waste Management at Life Line Nursing Home Seminar Hall in collaboration with Women & Child Kalyan Society, Jaipur on 24th June.2005.
  18. Organized Summer Hobby Classes like painting, mehandi, beautician, stitching, embroidery, soft toys, cooking, etc. to poor& needy girls. After completion of Course girls were awarded with prizes & certificates on 10thJune, 2006. More than 950 girls benefited in all the 20 Centers all over Jaipur.
  19. Organized Blood Donation Camp at Village Boraj, Jaipur on 14h April, 2006.
  20. Organized Medical Mobile Camp at Nagal Jaisa Bohra , Amer, Jaipur on 25th Dec.,2006. Thousands of surrounding village patients benefited in this camp.
  21. Organized Medical Camp on Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April,2007 in Jhotwara slum area at Shimla Academy School, Kalwar Road, Jhotwara, Jaipur. 352 students examined & treated in this camp.
  22. Organized Family Welfare Week from 10th – 17th Nov., 2007 at Life Line Nursing Home, thousands women & children benefited in this camp.
  23. Organized Seminar on World’s AIDS Day on 1st Dec.,2007. In this Seminar 50 women from slum area & surrounding AIDS, red Light Area of Jaipur District.
  24. Organized seminar on personality development “Every one is the Best” on topic in Dec-2007 on 20th Dec., 2007 at SPC Education Center, Jaipur, our chief guest Mr. Bhansi Dar Yadav (Awarded by President Awards Medal of Honor) give some tips to Students.
  25. Organized Computer Course for 55 poor, needy unemployed educated women of three months from 10th Jan., 2008.
  26. Organized DTP Computer Course for 45 poor, needy unemployed educated women with the assistance of Rajasthan Mission Of Livelihood of three months from 25th July.,2008.
  27. Organized Drawing & Essay Competition on 14th Nov., 2008-BAL DIVAS at Shimla Academy & New Pupil Academy events organized of drawing & essay on subject – Our Green India, these 400 students of different schools participated.   
  28. Organized Hepatitis-B Vaccination Program in slum areas of Jaipur from 5th – 12th December, 2008 in which 347 children of slum areas vaccinated.
  29. Organized Drawing Competition “Achievement for Best” on subject India in New Year-2009 on 4th Jan., 2009 at Shimla Academy & New Pupils Academy, Jaipur. In this 200 students participated of different schools.
  30. Organized group discussion Competition “Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahi” on subject in New Year-2009 on 20th Jan., 2009 at SPC Education Center, Jaipur. In this competition distribute prizes to 50 winner students.
Why Franchisee ?

SPC EDUCATION CENTER "SUPER PLATINUM CENTER FOR EDUCATION" NGO (A Social Education & Welfare Association) Running “ NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT & LITERACY MISSION” So SPC EDUCATION CENTER is a NGO that would provide FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION at very nominal charge to be a light for its student and others.
Franchiser offers expertise & knows how and has a proven track record & a successful business model. The growth of franchising is inevitable. Franchising clearly offers aspiring, new business owners the best possible chance of succeeding with the least amount of risk. 
Within the next 5 years, franchising will comprise over 60% of the retail economy and employ millions of people, and will enable hundreds of people to realize the dream of successful business ownership and financial independence.

Why SPC?

This is a very logical question to ask, when there are a-number of other NGO/institutes claiming to provide similar training for computer courses. Simple and straight reason is "QUALITY PEOPLE FOR QUALITY TRAINING" is the core concern here and SPC follows it strictly. We provide credibility and quality of service and we have put in a lot of hard work to build our credibility with our students-each of whom is now our brand ambassador.

SPC EDUCATION CENTER is a leading Global Talent Development Organization of India spanning over Twenty Nine States of the country. It takes up resource activities for education and training in Computers, Electronics and Information Technology, keeping pace with the modern advancements on one hand and keeping in view the Indian context on the other. The organization enjoys credibility with a large number of departments in Govt. of India and the State Governments and has carved out a niche for itself all over the country. SPC EDUCATION CENTER provide “FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION” at very nominal charge through our STUDY CENTER ALL OVER INDIA as per "NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT & LITERACY MISSION" 'NSDM', courses designed for skill development with different courses covering to various fields. It is managed under the SPC EDUCATION CENTER [A venture of Super Platinum Center For Education & Sewa Sansthan] Reg.No: S/68758-179/02/03 (Reg. by Govt. of India, NCT New Delhi). The auspices of A Social Education & Welfare Association "SEWA" SANSTHAN. “SPC EDUCATION CENTER” for the propagation of Computer Education for one and all. And for our expansion program we are on the look out for franchisees that would then be running an independent Institute imparting knowledge to produce World class professionals. Becoming our Franchisee will open new entrance for you in the Profit Street for the singular reason that we have an experience of more than 7 years in this field. Association with us ensures stable flow of Business and the contentment of making future professionals.We are not working for profit but working for social service.

SPC Computer Education Center is a major Educational NGO in India with major presence in All State of India Country. The Institute is dedicated to computer education for people of all class with special emphasis towards deprived and less fortunate people of our society. We are setting up Eighty-five plus franchisee training centers in the first phase of development in the State of Rajasthan and in twenty plus other States of the Country. Our organization is appropriately registered and approved from the relevant State and Central Government bodies and is registered institute in the field of computer literacy program.
Our all courses (including Free Computer Education) meet specific requirements of any company hiring our students. The course content is structured into well-defined modules that include all aspects of an IT Professional. “Quality people for quality training” is our dictum. Only those who have the potential to undergo this demanding training program are enrolled. SPC compound of IT Schools, Training Center and Professional Courses Training Institute and their courses are rated the best of its kind in the IT industry.

Opportunities Offered – Franchisee

We are offering absolutely Free Franchisee to interested people /institution/society/ NGO /Trust/Company all over India. Who wishes to set up a benchmark in computer training and education and ready to take all the challenges?
Excellent Business opportunity for expected professional with adequate capital in booming diversified education with top education brand. Franchising is evolving. There are greater opportunities of earning good amount of money & work with NGO without any risk & Investment among both franchisees and franchisors as this evolution progresses. New franchises will be developed while the existing systems become more fortified and continue to grow.


Recently, a press note released by newspaper exposed the gigantic economic impact of franchising on the private sector in the India, US other country. The results will surprise to us:

There are 757,585 franchised business establishments in India (2002).
Franchised Businesses provide over 18,000,000 jobs in India (2004 estimate)
Franchised Businesses provide goods and services worth $754.8 billion per year in the United States (2002)
80 industries use franchising to distribute goods and services to consumers.
In the US more than 45% of all retail sales come through franchising.
A new Franchised Business opens somewhere in country every 7 minutes.
India, which has a growing middle-class of over one billion people, is now positioned as a major force in the global economy and fertile ground for investment in retail and business development. The franchising industry in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30 percent.
In 2007, more than 760 national and international franchisors were operating in India, employing millions of people, and generating revenues in excess of million.
Many of the world's largest and well-known franchise companies, such as Wal-Mart, BR Foods, McDonald's, Yum Brands, Baskin Robbins and Subway already have a visible presence in India.

SPC Education Center’s Franchise

SPC EDUCATION CENTER "SUPER PLATINUM CENTER FOR EDUCATION" NGO (A Social Education & Welfare Association) has a mission to continue to be the part and parcel of the global development in science and technology with exclusive emphasis on computer based technology. We shall empower the new manpower requirement with computer based skills. It caters to the global advancement through technology. We take up and participate in small and big projects related to computer based training programs in association with corporate and government sector.
Our training programs have been designed as per modem syllabus and simultaneously making it affordable to the community at large. Our centers are fully equipped with latest gadgets manned by qualified technical and experienced professionals. The Institution is in prestigious tie-ups with other valuable organizations in its area of operations
Keeping in view the large demand in IT Industry for IT Professional, SPC was founded to help people who are interested in becoming IT Professional/Accountant. At SPC, we have developed programs meeting the standards set by the various National regulatory bodies the goal of our programs is to develop the skills needed to carry out IT Sector as well as those in the account sector on the ground. At SPC, we understand the importance of having a competitive edge in the challenging world; a Certificate/diploma from us will give you an additional advantage.
Our organization is looking for society/Trust/Institutes/Company/Person who are interested in becoming our Franchisee will open new entrance for you in the Profit Street for the singular reason that we have an experience of more than 7 years in this field. Association with us ensures stable flow of Business and the contentment of making future professionals.
Be our part! Be a part of Global success.
Just Join us and open a SPC Education Center study center in your own City/Area.

Easy steps to open SPC Education Center’s study center

We provide you with a complete roadmap to success, from start to finish:
Everything you need to create, operate, develop and make your business successful.

  • Step I – Submission of the Application
    First of all, franchisee will have to submit an application form along with required document. In verification if you fulfill all the conditions and the proposed site is found suitable then your application for the franchisee will be approved.
  • Step II - Inspection & approval
    Along with the application form applicant has to send the initial fees of as an inspection & approval Charges Rs. 4,300 (Four Thousand Three Hundred only) by DD in favor of Social Education & Welfare Association “SEWA” Sansthan, PAYABLE at Jaipur and sent across to SPC EUCATION CENTER (SUPER PLATINUM CENTER FOR EDUCATION). The said inspection and approval charges are non refundable after the date of approval. Any. In case the proposed site is not found suitable then amount of DD will be refund.  
  • Step III– Agreement

Once your franchisee application is approved, SPC Education Center will send you agreement document, it is valid for next 2 (TWO) years. In case if any required document is pending and we not receive agreement within a week of approval, your franchisee application will be CANCEL and processing & approval charges are non refundable after the date of approval. Design of Advertisement and publicity material will be hand over after the final launch of the new centre.

  • Step IV– Marketing Support

For the development and advertisement of your centre,SPC Education Center Head Office will provide you guidance. For the initial advertisement of your center SPC provide design of main flex,pamphlets & Poster FREE of cost to study center. SPC Sewa Sansthan do not force you for centralized expensive add, instead SPC Education Center ask you to focus more on local newspaper advertisement as students from local 4-10 km area will join your centre.
Coupled with local newspaper advertisement, Advertisement cost in local/ regional newspaper is shared equally among all franchisees, this is so effective and proven track record & a successful business model with a National level NGO.

Franchise Fee Detail
Master SPC Education Center Fees (All Class City) Master Franchise NIL
Sub Franchise Fee (All Class City/Town/Village) Sub Franchise NIL
Free Computer Education Master Franchise & Sub Franchise Nil
  • Computer Education
  • Hardware, Software
  • Fashion Designing
  • English Speaking
  • University Courses
  • Call Centre Training
  • Job Placement Agency
  • Hobby Class Centre
Master Franchise & Sub Franchise NIL
Franchise Application Form processing NIL



Eligibility Criteria for SPC Franchise
  • You should have minimum 300-sq. ft. Space.
  • You should have minimum 4 to 6 computers.
  • You should have any knowledge and experience in this field.
  • You should have interest for social work.
  • You should have good knowledge of the local market.
  • You should have Owned / Rented premises for the proposed Educational Center.
  • The proposed center should be located on good locality and should be easily approachable.
  • You should have financial capability to run a franchisee center. 
  • The minimum initial investment for the project varies from Rs. 50,000/- Thousand to 1 Lac for non-metro cities and to 1-2 Lac in metro cities. The investment varies with various factors such as the Centre Location, Student Capacity, Duration and the Types of courses to be offered by the centre. The investment will be very less if there is existing infrastructure and computers.
Benefit to Franchise
  • We are registered Reg. By State & (Govt. of NCT of New Delhi) Govt. Of India. 
  • Franchise Fee: NIL
  • Renewal Fees: NIL.
  • Investment: not as much of
  • Certification
  • Track record of volunteer center and working partner of NGO. 
  • If franchisee running free computer education course, you can take admission every day/month then you can generate Rs. 50,000/- thousand to 1 lack per Month. The ratio of amount is increase and decrease according to strength of students. This amount we will transfer in your account after completed the course. 
  • If Study Center wants to run above mentioned PROFESSIONAL COURSES (Certificate & Diploma, Self Define Courses) then Study Center will not pay any royality percentage of course fee & Registration Charge to SPC only send a small amount.
  • If franchisee search new study centers in your area around 10 to 15 Kilometer distance then we will give you Rs. 500/- to 1000/- per center for opening support and 5% of total amount which is study center receive monthly from us as Support Amount.
  • If numbers of study centers are around 50 than you are eligible for Master franchise and the percentage of amount is increase.
  • In first phase we will give rights to franchisee for 3-month (Operator/Office Assistant Training) course Free of Cost, if performance is better of students and franchisee then we will give permission to franchisee for diploma course under free computer education scheme.
  • We running “FREE COMPUTER EDUCATION” through our STUDY CENTER ALL OVER INDIA FOR "NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT & LITERACY MISSION", the course designed to inculcate compute skills, functional skills and soft skills in students and make them cent percent suitable for employment with different courses covering to various fields.
  • All publicity materials like- posters, brochures, pamphlets provided by corporate office.
  • Free training of faculty, counselor and center manager if required.
  • Additional revenue by providing job placements & Guidance for Admissions.
  • The Study Center will be entitled to conduct varied range of courses which will attract more number of students
  • SPC Education Center will organize & assist in organizing various competitions, Quiz Competitions, Exhibitions, Dance Competitions, In House Parties, etc. so that the students can show their hidden talent in front of others.
  • SPC Education Center will support the Study Centers in developing marketing strategies and the Study Centers will get all the Marketing & Sales Plans from time to time by the Corporate Office.
  • The Study Centers will also be able to take the Facility of various beneficiary Govt. Projects from time to time which will be funded by different Ministries.
  • Extensive training and support to start your business. 
  • A complete technical and marketing strategy with support visits.
  • IT development program as per IT policy of State and Central Government.
  • Exclusive tie-ups with 100% Job Placement with Long Term Courses
Your Role
  • Arrange for Required Investment to set up the training centre as per the specifications.
  • Follow Standard Operation Procedure and Conduct training at the centers as per guidelines.
  • Create good student’s word of mouth by offering quality training.
  • Properly distribute course material.
  • Examination will be arranged on time to time as per guidelines.
  • Touch with head office in regular basis.
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures mentioned in the franchisee agreement
  • Should upgrade for the new courses launched time-to-time.
  • Create local market awareness by various Ad and College campaigning programs.
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting as per guidelines.  
  • Generate Business as per the targets.  
  • Payment for royalty, adv. charges, course material etc. to be done on time

Rules & Regulation of the Institute:

  1. That the admission shall only be confirmed on the receipt of Enrollment fees.
  2. That the fees once deposited shall neither be refundable nor Transferable under any circumstance.
  3. That the Reg./roll no. And Identity Card shall only be issued after the confirmation of Admission.
  4. That the student shall have to take written content for the change of study Centre.
  5. That the Institute shall not be liable for personal belongings what so ever.
  6. That Ragging, taking of Alcohol and Drug and Indiscipline shall be result in expulsion from the Institute.
  7. That the decision of the Center Head shall be final and binding in Academic Matters.
  8. That the Students Securing less than 80% Attendance shall not be allowed to appear for final Examination.
  9. That the institute shall arrange weekly improvement/extra class and weekly test
  10. That the institute shall arrange monthly examination as per guideline of Head office.
  11.  That the institute informs to every student that if any absence more than three days without information that student’s registration will be cancel.  
  12. That the Guardians / Parents are expected to report to Institute's Authorities in matters pertaining to their wards.


We take up and participate in small and big projects related to computer based training programs in association with corporate and government sector.The current scheme for universalization of Education for All is the Skill Development & Shiksha Abhiyan which is one of the largest education initiatives in the world.We publish Help Journals to make people aware and encourage them to mix with the computer literate world and keep them update with the latest techniques in the field of computer technology and technology based business prospects.
We provide free education to exceptionally talented poor and orphan students. Our programs aim at meeting computer trained HR requirement at local, national and international level. We also run special programs to train people with latest Techniques to meet documentation challenges of the future. Our goal is to participate in putting all small and large organizations on the computer network.

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