PMKVY Scheme         

The information technology boom since the last decade of 20th century has opened new vistas for humans to experiment and extract the maximum from the nature for their own benefit. This has transformed the world to be without boundaries and blessed with high-tech gadgets and life style.

SPC EDUCATION CENTER to guide them for their bright future in the years to come. Actively working to spread with the latest developments in this field.

Realizing challenges for our youth, the SPC is focused at achieving excellence through innovative and modular teaching and learning programs conducted by the high quality cosmopolitan faculty, introducing the modern disciplines of science and technology. I believe that our students must have enriched themselves through such a unique venture.

The students who are pursuing various courses at the SPC will be prepared for the challenges of this fast changing society through training at reputed industries and research organizations. We aim at on open-ended partnership between the students and the institution for ensuring a fruitful career option for our brilliant students. The students should be able to imbibe the subject for its application to acquire a well-defined niche during their professional career.

I wish good luck and prosperity to our students and faculty.

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